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The South African Police Special Task Force is the Special Operation element of the South African Police. They are considered to be amongst the best of such Units in the world. They have a formidable reputation in Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency, and Hostage Rescue. The Special Task Force, like their Military Special Forces counterparts, is internationally regarded as being deadly exponents in the art of bush warfare.

This book is written as accurately as possible: the content coming from years of research and straight from the Operators on the ground; some of the best the Task Force has ever seen. It goes deep into the heart of the Unit, it tells of the history, the rise and some of the most successful and daring hostage release dramas the Task Force has completed with their impeccable record and more...

Paperback, 300 pages with photos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patrick Locufier
Truly interesting book

A really informative book, with a truly interesting insight into one unit too rarely mentioned outside of South Africa. Plenty of informative details, anecdotes and stories. Highly recommended.

Clive Pannell
Brotherhood is thicker than blood

I read a lot of books, this book however gives insight into South African men who risked their lifes to protect the borders of this country, some still do but in other ways now, they gave hope to those whom was affected when the group was still operational. The weapon section is well layed out and well documented , being the book it is, it is supposed to be there, i was in the military and never knew some of the weapons mentioned and explained, the author has done an excellent job in compiling this piece of art work because that is what it is art, the art of going to war is unmistakable the hardest thing ever to do, well done and thanks for an amazing piece of reading material.

Herman Terblanche

First book written about the SAPSTF. Gives a good insite about the history of the unit. And what it takes to become a operator of this elite unit. The only issue i have is with the chapter discussing the weapons used.

Magellan Mclister
Great read!

This book covers the formation and history of the elite Special Task Force and i truly recommend it to any reader that follows books about counter-insurgency,modern warfare or Police paramilitary units.The fact that the author himself is an ex STF member lends this book a dose of realism and credibility that an outsider would fail to provide.The accounts of actual missions skillfully undertaken are a thrill to read.

Hendrik Nel
Fills an Important Void

Shane Willard's book fills an important void in documenting the origins and actions of a lesser-known Special Forces unit. It gives some insight into the selection, training, and operations performed by this unique group of warriors. I would recommend it to any serious reader that wants to know more about the 'inside' story on modern Special Forces units.

The personal-account nature of the book is enjoyable and immediately lets the reader know that the author knows his stuff.

It is, however, once again sad that this book suffers from that sad malady of Recent South African small-batch publishing in that it fell prey to shoddy editing. In two chapters the author refers to a weapons stash as a 'Cash' and only in later parts is it correctly called a 'Cache'. This indicates that the author was not ignorant, but that editing was sloppy. Other minor, but repetitive grammar mistakes unfortunately also detract from this book obtaining a 5-star rating.

A last, minor irritation, is the lengthy inclusion of weapon specs and photos. Surely anyone interested in this type of book is a student of matters military in general and would know much - if not all - of this gratuitous information. I am of the opinion the readers may have enjoyed more anecdotal inclusions.

Finally, this book has a worthy place on any military history bookshelf and it is hoped that future editions will have benefitted from better editing.


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