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The Story of KLOPPIES: A South African Recce Operator - Peet Coetzee

The Story of KLOPPIES: A South African Recce Operator - Peet Coetzee

R 450

This book pays homage to the adventurous life of a RECCE Operator - AO1 'Kloppies' Kloppers HC MMM. 

The book describes events from his youth and his successful attempt to pass the demanding selection phase as a Special Forces RECCE operator to qualify. Several cross-border operations have been carried out that include countries such as Angola, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Botswana, Mozambique and SWA (Namibia). All his narratives are reproduced directly from an operators' point of view. He survives a Limped mine that exploded about 3 meters from him. Their team captain, who handled the mine, was completely disintegrated. Kloppies and Piet Vaatjie were seriously injured. Then follows his account of how, after leaving the Army, he wanted to do good by becoming one of the "top boss" miners in Mozambique. He survived another mine explosion which, among other things, shot his camera right in his face and caused him to lose his sight and hearing.

Follow the story of his personal struggle, which he himself described as a rapid descent from "Hero to Zero"

Softcover, 377 pages with photos.

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