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The Truth about Self-Defense – a guideline for women and teenagers around the world to obtain the best knowledge available about Self-Defense – is a comprehensive book about the world of Self-Defense. Shane has put his knowledge regarding Self-Defense out there to inspire women to empower themselves and to realize that just like Elizabeth, first queen of England that you might be a feeble woman but you have the stomach of a king! And no matter what life throws at you regarding protecting yourself and your loved ones; you can be prepared and know that you as a woman are blessed with intuition and power within. Although it might be beneficial; you do not have to be Chuck Norris or some sort of a UFC star to protect yourself and your loved ones! You as a woman can protect yourself and your loved ones all by yourself; with the intuition and power you possess.

This book is a must read for women and teenagers – creating self-confidence, creating awareness and giving valuable guidelines on how to be prepared, how to handle, and how to recover from violent crimes.

The Truth about Self-Defense is a guideline that includes a limited amount of sketches/photographs and an abundance of 'what to do' scenarios to depict certain situations; explaining how to apply certain techniques in Self-Defense, how to avoid danger, how to get out of danger and what to do to help you on the road to recovery. This is a first book in the world that contains all these attributes, all in one so as to speak. The Truth about Self-Defense is a book that can offer so much to its reader, it has the potential to safeguard and guide so many woman and teenagers, to the world of a safe and a secure living.

Paperback, 194 pages


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