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Undeniable: A Memoir Of A Covert War - Philippa Garson

Undeniable: A Memoir Of A Covert War - Philippa Garson

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Philippa Garson worked for the brave and upstart Weekly Mail during the early 1990s, where she covered the civil war between Inkatha and the ANC/ANC-aligned forces.

Undeniable is an account of that period of her life, where she and colleagues Mondli Makhanya, Kevin Carter, Anton Harber and others tracked and discovered the involvement of a 'third force', which was fuelling the killing frenzy.

Several times Philippa escaped with her life. Many others did not, and here Philippa tells of the casualties, victims of war and colleagues, who did not. Her relationship across the colour line, drinking and carousing during the off-hours in an effort to diminish the pain of what she had witnessed, are all part of this brilliant account of this period of South AfricaĆ¢'s history. A period that has not been investigated sufficiently, and which escaped much scrutiny from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Rogues, lovers, journalists, warlords and victims are all part of Philippa's story, and what it was like to investigate crimes which arose from apartheid.

Paperback, 336 pages. Published June 2020

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