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A third generation Rhodesian tells the story of his upbringing on a farm and his days learning to track and survive in the bush. Later he would use this knowledge in operational conditions during the Rhodesian Civil War.

In classic Special Branch style, you will not find an account of a unit called Pachedu in the history books, but it existed. There are historical facts with covert and overt operations which have never been made public before.

It is a story of trial, battle, friendship and extraordinary life experiences during the bloody Rhodesian war.

Keith Chisnall was born in Sinoia in the farming area of Rhodesia in 1957. He joined the BSA Police and was posted to the Centenary District, right at the start of Operation Hurricane and the civil war which tore through the country. He spent time in the Zambezi Valley and joined Special Branch where he was part of a clandestine operational team. Today he is a professional guide and spends time painting and working with the wild animals he loves.

Paperback, 420 pages. Black and white photos throughout with a 16 page full color insert in the center.

First published March 2018.


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