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We Were There is General Geldenhuys' account of the SA Border War and their victory over Cuba, and their overarching sponsor, the Soviet Union. Throughout the book, General Geldenhuys mentions that the border war should be seen in context and against the backdrop of the Cold War. South Africa fought a proxy war on behalf of the West against the Communist empire of the world a war in which the general has no doubt that an outnumbered and technologically inferior South Africa well and truly defeated the Russian, Cuban, East German, MPLA and SWAPO forces that were there.

The SA border war ended - not by chance- in 1989, the year the Berlin wall fell, Tiananmen Square caused major restructuring in China, The Russians withdrew from Afghanistan and the USSR ultimately collapsed. South Africa's victory over the communist forces in Angola played a critical role in these events and halted Soviet expansionism in Africa. Because of South Africa's role, both Namibia and South Africa have democratically elected, multi-party, non-Cuban, Non-Soviet model governments and a relatively free market economic system. If South Africa had lost the war, these countries would have looked a lot different toady. One only has to look north to the other countries in Africa where the communists took over to know what general Geldenhuys is talking about.

As far as general Geldenhuys is concerned, his soldiers, colonels and generals defeated the Soviet/Cuban forces in Angola. As he says about the Soviets and Cubans: "They left Africa with empty hands. All that is left of them are a few pieces of war scrap scattered throughout the countryside of southern Angola."

General Geldenhuys wrote the book - with the assistance of 62 others Generals, Officers, and soldiers, because they felt the need to maintain the honour of the SADF, as well as portray the true history of the Border War in South West Africa (Namibia).

Paperback, 720 pages

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If I could I would rate higher!

Ordering from this website was pure bliss! I was a bit weary from ordering online and trusting it to be here, as everyone is I'm sure. But what amazing service. Ordered my book late at night, it was verified in the morning and I got given a code to track it (which I LOVED). Tracked my parcel and day one the got it ready for me and started to send it. Two days later the book was with me in my hands and in good condition. This is during Xmas time may I add where most places have a massive delay in sending a parcel due to this. Not bush war books though! Amazing service, knew exactly where my package was at all times and not once did I need to worry about it coming on time, if not coming at all. I will most definitely buy from them again within a heart beat. You get your money's worth,that is for sure.

Excellent factual reading

A wonderful collection of personal experiences and recollections by many serving members from all arms of the SADF during the entire Bush War. Enlightening introductions, comments, explanations and background are given throughout the book by nobody better qualified than General Jannie Geldenhuys himself.