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In this book Alon recounts some of his most memorable police duties, opening a small window to the public of what it means to police the suburbs and townships of South Africa, especially during the turbulent 90's and early 2000's. This book recounts true stories of action and mayhem. Shootings, car-chases and tracing murderers! Real events as told by a Police Reservist Captain, who served in a number of specialised tactical units around Johannesburg. 

"While on the run Adam and I opened fire. I pointed my pistol at his silhouetted figure and fired eleven shots in rapid succession through the glass doors of the banking hall. The louder blasts from Adam's assault rifle filled the air too, as he fired five rapid shots towards the suspect. The suspect dropped to the ground. The money bag and the gun lay on the floor. As we closed in on the glass doors, the suspect managed to crawl behind the large brick structure that housed the cash machines. He had left a continuous blood trail. Now kneeling against the corner of the wall, I said to Adam, "Cover me, mag change!"  

 About the Author

Alon Bergman served as a Captain in the South African Reserve Police. He joined in 1993 during a dramatic period in the history of South Africa, where he served in specialised units such as the Alexandra vehicle Anti-hijacking Unit, the North East Intervention Unit, the Johannesburg Flying Squad and the Johannesburg Tactical Response Unit. During this time, Alon completed a number of specialised training courses, and studied a National Diploma in Policing. In 2013, he transferred to Hoedspruit, where he served as the Reservist Commander of this small town bordering the Kruger National Park. 



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