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The views and comments contained within the publication are strictly the author, Claus Nordbruch's personal & private views. It was written & published in 1996. The original publication contained photographs that's not available in this eBook.

Willem Ratte: The Legend: The life and ideals of a German Boer in the fight for freedom & justice in South Africa 

"This first edition was written in five very hectic days and sleepless nights. We ask for the reader’s indulgence in this respect; a comprehensive biography of Willem Ratte should not be expected. Neither were the following pages intended to be a comprehensive historical study or a political manifesto. However, I did make a special effort to respond to the request, voiced by many concerned and sympathetic persons, to produce a review of Willem Ratte’s life, ideals and influence to date as soon as possible. The decisive reason for publishing this book is as simple as it is tragic. The South African government under Nelson Mandela is being confronted by a tremendous legal scandal – and it is keeping silent. It is silencing it to death. In the interests of justice and humanity, this silence must be broken. Numerous highly esteemed and serious- minded international organisations and interest groups, but also idealistic individuals have realised the seriousness of the situation, heeded the call of the moment and intervened for Willem Ratte’s release during the past weeks. Despite this, the government of the rainbow nation, though claiming to strive for truth and reconciliation, is turning a deaf ear or indulges itself with nothing more than implausible and high-sounding phrases devoid of meaning. Since his scandalous sentence on 3 May 1996, one of South Africa’s best officers has been on a hunger strike. This account endeavours to explain what commandant Ratte hopes to achieve by his self-sacrificing resistance. Whatever course the miscarriage of justice of which Willem Ratte was the victim may take, if the practising of double standards that has by now become entrenched and the suppression of undesirable peoples continue, South Africa will ultimately have only one future – civil war. Like the Zulus and other peoples living in South Africa, the Boers also wish to live in peace and happiness. Willem Ratte speaks the language of our own hearts. Only one thought underlies this book – freedom! "

"Our struggle has nothing to do with right or left...this being incidental, like religion in the Irish-British conflict, but everything to do with a nation having an inherent right to be free."

Willem Ratte 31 December 1995

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Customer Reviews

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Cecil Paulsen
Willem Ratte: The Legend

I enjoyed the book. A piece of SA history that hints of many others like it.

Willem Ratte: The Legend

Interesting book, although obviously put together in a hurry (the amount of factual errors, misspellings and language mistakes).

Ratte comes across as a "man with a mission", although again, his purpose in the military and his purpose outside of the military actually seem at odds with each other. Although most certainly a hero while in the military, he seems to have lost the plot after leaving the military.

Interesting book, although I would not recommend that people make any major effort to read it.

Colin Riddell
Willem Ratte

Good read. We were troopers together in the Rhodesian SAS

Andre Stephan

I am 59 and sort of heard of Willem Ratte. But after reading the book i am definitely more informed. He certainly held onto his beliefs.


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