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'There is no dignity in death. Six bodies are piled up in front of me, shot to shit. I can see that their bones are white, their blood is red and their brains are yellow. I've done this; I've helped to kill them.'

The gripping account of Arn Durand's first two years with Koevoet, South Africa s most deadly fighting unit during the Border War. Through Durand's eyes, the reader will experience the madness, mayhem and complexity of the war.

A unit of the South African police, Koevoet was the most deadly fighting force involved in the Border War. This book is the account of Arn Durand's first years with Koevoet, from 1982 to 1983. He describes patrols, ambushes and contacts, situations of certain death, dealings with the enemy and relationships with his Ovambo colleagues. This book does not glorify war or peddle propaganda. It simply relates, in a deadpan style, what it was like to be a killing machine in the heat of battle.

PAPERBACK, 303 pages

Published March 2012


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All of the books as received.

Yes the author does indeed do justice to all of the events in a captivating and precise writing style.


Zulu Zulu Golf: Life And Death With Koevoet - Arn Durand

No holds barred

Although I read Zulu Zulu Golf after I had already finished reading Zulu Zulu Foxtrot, it was still a blistering read. Arn Durand has been there, done that, and he doesn't bulldust about it. Again I was pleasantly surprised by how well he writes - he has a natural gift with words, and that makes his books entertaining despite the sometimes gruesome scenes that form an integral part of the Koevoet story. I was always fascinated by Koevoet since my own unspectacular army days, but to be honest, like the Recces, I was too scared to walk up and ask them what they were up to. Thank you Arn for answering those questions so brilliantly, so many years later.


Zulu Zulu Golf: Life And Death With Koevoet - Arn Durand

One of the best reads yet!

Outstanding content written with unabridged pride and passion for the sacrifices made; both personally and collectively.


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