We sell military books focusing primarily on the South African and Rhodesian bush war eras

Rhodesian War

Special Branch War: Slaughter in the Rhodesian Bush. Southern Matabeleland, 1976-1980   -   Ed Bird

This searing account primarily covers Ed Bird's Special Branch (SB) service in the Beitbridge area of southern Matabeleland, 1976-1980, encompassing …

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OUR SINS - Geoff M. Pereira (SIGNED COPY)

An incident on the Botswana border with South West Africa, involving the strange death of a young border guard, puts Specialist Insurgency Neutralisa…

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THE ELITE: The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service - Barbara Cole

The Rhodesian Special Air Service, one of the most formidable fighting forces in the world, operated almost exclusively across the borders during the…

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Operation Enterprise: The Battle for Salisbury, Rhodesia - Nick Skipworth-Michell

Operation ENTERPRISE  was the most successful internal operation of the Rhodesian war, and arguably the most important, being fiercely fought ju…

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OPERATION LIGHTHOUSE: Intaf in the Rhodesian Bush War 1972-1980

From 1890 and throughout its history, the men of Internal Affairs were bound by an intense loyalty to each other, combined with a deep understanding …

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Curly's Story - Hugh Gurnell

This book tells the story of the author's three contracts as a mercenary in the 1964-1965 Congo conflict. It is a vivid account of his personal exper…

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