We sell military books focusing primarily on the South African and Rhodesian bush war eras

SADF Border War

They live by the Sword - Col Jan Breytenbach


272 pages, Hardcover

Published January 1, 1990

Original title

They live by the sword

This edition


272 pages, Hardcover


January 1,…

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For 28 years bloody wars were fought in South West Africa, Angola, Rhodesia and Mozambique. This is a photographic account...

Softcover, 383 pages

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Mobile Warfare for Africa:  - (Roland de Vries, Camille Burger & Willem Steenkamp)

Presenting a remarkable amount of experience drawing primarily from South Africa's Border War in the form of case studies, supported fully by an exte…

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Piet Retief Commando: The Story of a Border Commando 1880 - 2007 (Walter Volker)

This well researched and well illustrated book is focusing on the Piet Retief Commando and also covers a wide area of South African military history.…

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Specialised Cooking: THE RECCE WAY (Justin Vermaak & Douw Steyn)

Vulture soup, anyone? Or how about diesel-dipped dog biscuits as a side to some fried python? If you prefer something less severe, then how about hav…

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RECCE - RESEPTE: Vir Kos, Die Bos, Die Lewe (Justin Vermaak & Douw Steyn)

As die Recces die dag in die bos in stap, slaan die luislange, die aasvoëls en selfs die leeus op die vlug. Wat jy kan vang, kan jy eet, sê die manne…

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Facta Nostra Vivent: Going Around Again - More Memories from  (1948 - 1995)


Going Around Again is a sequel to the popular and well received first volume Facta Nostra Vivent and contin…

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ANGOLAN RENDEZVOUS: Man and Nature in the Shadow of War

In Angola everything is interwoven: life and death, war and peace. Ostensibly, this book is in two voices: Tamar Golan, Israel's first Ambassador to …

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62256623PE: Die memoirs van Brigadier Generaal Josienne "Jos" Rabie SM, MMM

Hierdie boek, 62256623PE, het sy ontstaan te danke aan 'n veteraan en oupa wat sy stories aan sy kinders en kleinkinders wou vertel. Die plan was om …

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Die Roem en die Rou: Stories agter Honoris Crux - Dr At van Wyk

Die Roem en die Rou: Stories agter Honoris Crux het in 2008 die eerste keer verskyn as 'n keur uit vertellings wat dekades gelede verskyn het in At v…

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Shred When Read - Michael Bowery

This work is a serious, non-fictional autobiography, which inter alia is an expose of the times and personalities involved during the thirty years th…

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Riding The Ice - Dave Barr

A 242 page book (27 black & white photos) about Dave Barr's incredible 13,000 mile winter journey across a frozen Northern Europe, Russia and Sib…

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