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How Churchill Waged War - Allen Packwood

Becoming Minister of Defence as well as Prime Minister in May 1940, Winston Churchill was ready to get his hands dirty and take personal control of m…

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Twelve Days On The Somme: A Memoir of the Trenches, 1916 - Sidney Rogerson

A joint operation between Britain and France in 1916, the Battle of the Somme was an attempt to gain territory and dent Germany's military strength.


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The Desert Air Force in World War II - Ken Delve

This is a comprehensive reference to the structure, operation, aircraft and men of the 1st Tactical Air Force, or Desert Air Force as it became known…

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Curly's Story - Hugh Gurnell

This book tells the story of the author's three contracts as a mercenary in the 1964-1965 Congo conflict. It is a vivid account of his personal exper…

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Buffalo Battalion: South Africa's 32 Battalion - A Tale of Sacrifice - Dr LJ Bothma

By August 1974 the Portuguese had all but abandoned Angola, its erstwhile colony, and there was a fear in both the Intelligence services of South Afr…

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